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BACnet IoT Gateway

BACnet networks are increasingly complex, and system integrators face pressure to manage, maintain, and trouble shoot a wide variety of network elements. We recognize that you need a new generation of BACnet tools to provide visibility and control of any network, from anywhere, at any time. The new FieldServer BACnet IoT Gateway combines an industry leading BACnet Explorer function and anywhere, anytime visibility with SMC Cloud. 

The FieldServer BACnet IoT Gateway is a self-contained gateway that can be deployed at any point in the network. Utilizing SMC’s BTL-certified protocol stack, the gateway automatically discovers BACnet MS/TP and BACnet/IP devices, monitors and reports specific objects, and can be configured to forward information to the SMC Cloud.

With secure wireless (Wi-Fi, Cellular) and wired connectivity, the BACnet IoT Gateway gives companies access to as much, or as little, information about the BACnet objects on a network. With the added benefits of SMC Cloud, users can monitor specific data points and set alerts to be notified via SMS text or email if a value moves out of a predetermined range.

With SMC’s BACnet IoT Gateway, system integrators have a powerful new tool to manage and support BACnet networks and their customers.

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