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EZ Gateway

The EZ Gateway is approved across a variety of standards, including the UL 916, CE, and RoHS. The EZ Gateway also carries the BTL Mark, ensuring users that it correctly implements the BACnet features claimed. These approvals and certifications, along with our commitment to Modbus and KNX interoperability, assure our customers that we carry only the highest quality of standards-compliant products.

  • Modbus Features and Interoperability: Connect with virtually any Modbus device out of the box
    • Modbus Data Manipulation: Efficiently translate between Modbus and BACnet devices through bit extracting
    • Modbus TCP/IP Concurrent Polling: Receive faster response time and support more devices per segment
  • KNX Interoperability: Connect with virtually any KNX-certified device out of the box
    • ETS Support: Seamlessly import KNX Group addresses from ETS to lower commissioning time
  • BACnet COV: Reduce the amount of BACnet data overhead to allow network traffic to be less congested by transmitting data only when detecting a KNX device status change
  • Modbus to BACnet EZ Profiles: Lower commissioning time by uploading preconfigured verified Modbus-BACnet EZ Profiles
  • DeviceProxy™: Minimize management and operational costs with granular visibility and control over each Modbus/KNX device from a BACnet management station
  • Dual RS-485 Ports: Improve response time by connecting fewer devices per port or support more devices per gateway

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